Friday, 31 December 2010

#365 of 356 Lego 7647 MX-41 Switch Fighter

Well, if you've been following this blog everyday, congratulations.  You've made it to the end of the blog... well, at least for this year.  I'm ending the year with the third of the trio of Lego Mars Mission sets, and after the two Impulse sets of the past two days, I thought I'd actually go open a proper big set today.

The usual Mars Mission box is obvious here, but it does have a corner dedicated to the fact that the model transforms from a fighter to a vehicle.  The back of the box shows the transformation in greater detail, as well as other action features in the line.  There's also a small box showing the other sets in the line on the back.

There should be no surprise to the contents - and instruction booklet, a decal sheet and four baggies.  There's a lot of decals on the sheet for starters, at least a lot more than I'm used to.  The baggies are surprisingly numbered, so this is going to be, if not an easy build, at least easier.

There's only one spaceman and one gello alien in the set, and again, the spaceman lacks an air tank.  Baggie number 1 also built a small little ship for the alien.  The constructions is very interesting, and the use of SNOT gives the vehicle odd roundish lines for Lego, which is awesome.

The other three baggies are for the main vehicle, which is a schizophrenic vehicle as it cant' decides whether it wants to be a ground vehicle, or a jet, so it transforms into both.  The ground vehicle looks odd, as if it's perched on a very small let with an oversized body.  The fighter also looks weird with wings that are way too small for the vehicle.  Despite the transformation gimmick, the construction was rather easy, and there are a lot of innovation in the design despite the unconvincing final look.

Overall, I would say that this set offers very good play value.  There's the transformation trick, and there's also the two vehicles in the set which can go against each other.  The use of white and orange for the humans and the black and green for the aliens also fits in very well with the rest of the line.  I'm glad I decided to be complete in this subtheme and get all the sets of the line.

Finally, to all my regular readers, have a Happy New Year 2011, and may all your toy dreams come true next year.

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