Thursday, 16 December 2010

#350 of 365 Lego 6162 Mosiac Building Fun with LEGO

Lego has always tried to capitalise on the various AFOL craze that sweeps the AFOL world from time to time.  The collectible minifigures series is an attempt to capture the custom minifig AFOL market, and hopefully create a new market int he process.  On that point, they have succeeded.  A few years back, there was this mosaic craze, where people were making portraits and landscapes with bricks on huge (and by huge, I mean dimensions of at least half a meter in both directions) backgrounds.  The end result of those were amazing.  So Lego decided to copy that into a small set to sell commercially and this is the result.

The box is nice and fun and colourful.  It shows off the contents and the versatility of the toy, something Lego hasn't been too fond to show in ages.

There's a whole lot of different coloured bricks included as shown on the top of the box.  Inside there are three baggies of bricks as well as the base and the instruction leaflet.

The base is about half a foot long in both directions and is made from clear plastic.  The instructions is a plan view of how everything is to be put together.  The end result are blocky and ugly and I didn't even bother putting them together.  Yes, there are some unique twists to the construction, but the mosaic concept really needed bigger bases and thinner bricks.  Also, the bricks needed a colour grade, e.g. greys (of which there are 3 shades) with black and white or the yellows (again, 3 shades including orange) with black and white, to work well visually.

After about a couple of minutes this is what I made.  Yes, it allows for creativity, but the end result is very much lacking.


  1. How do you pry off the pieces when you want to start over? Looks like a pain!

  2. It's not too bad to remove them. Just use a brick remover!


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