Thursday, 2 December 2010

#337 of 356 Masters of the Universe Classics Roboto

It took me about a month to get this opened, but that's only because he didn't really fit into the Nostalgia November theme.  Yes, I know Roboto may be nostalgia for some people out there, but since I never had this toy as a kid, there's no nostalgia here for me, well, not much anyways.  Also since this isn't an 80s or a 90s toy, I felt it didn't really fit into the theme for November.  But it's no longer November and I get to open this before the year is out!

Roboto comes on the standard card, so there's nothing to write about there... or is there?  He's displayed so that his chest with the gears and the heart is prominently displayed.  His axe is shown, but the other 3 arm attachment are hidden behind the title card, which is a pity.   The back of the card shows Orko and because of his size, it looks rather blank there...

OK, so Roboto doesn't have as much accessories as Grizzlor, but he does come with a transparent chest like his vintage version, and like his vintage version, the gears rotate when his waist is twisted.  Because of the action feature, he loses his ab crunch articulation, but gains an extra point of articulation on the jaw so it all balances out.  The colours are vibrant, although the choice of the metallic purple on his groin seems a bit odd as the vintage figure did not have this.  The paintwork is acceptable.  The three arm attachment are actually made from a rather soft plastic, so it's a bit bendy.  There's a bit of blue paint on these arm attachment, which updates them nicely.  The removable hand though is made from hard plastic.

Roboto seems skinner when compared to his vintage version, but that's probably because the gears in the vintage figure necessitated a large chest.  Hopefully, the silver paint on the Classics figure will not fade tover time to purple like the vintage figure.  The millennium figure's aneroxic shape and oversized boots are even more obvious when placed next to the Classics figure.  The Classics figure wins hands down for being more MotU, if that is even possible.

Overall, despite this being an excellent figure, he's also rather bland.  Yes, the gears in his chest turn, and his arms can be replaced like Trap Jaw, but there's something missing about this Roboto that I can't put my finger on.


  1. Its the paint, the shiny-ness of it really makes it hard to ignore that Roboto is a toy

  2. He's not very shiny. I'm not sure I understand you though. Could you explain?

  3. Ok maybe he isn't that shiny but the impression I have is that he looks like an inert robot toy. Something to do with the colour combi I think. Actually that might be a good thing, seeing that he is a robot actually!

  4. It's the red blue and grey plus the transparent plastic, I would think that would probably remind you of something they'd sell at People Park's complex... sort of like a cheap made in China thing...


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