Tuesday, 21 December 2010

#355 of 365 Lego 7891 City Airport Truck

Another day, another Lego set.  I'm in the home stretch for this year and this is the last 10 toys I'd be opening this year.  Next year, hopefully, I'll be opening more than 365 toys in total, or maybe not, but I'm jumping ahead of myself here!

This is a relatively recent set and it's the fire truck for the City airport.  I remember getting this set on one of my travels - it's not something that I wanted, but I wanted to get something, some... toy... and this set was the result.  The front of the box has a nice picture of the set with a nice airport background.  The back of the box shows the "action features" of the set as is usual for Lego these days.

There are three baggies and a loose large piece in the box, together with a decal sheet and the instruciton book.  The book has the cross sell on the back in a rather "action-esque" way, but the whole thing just looks very crowded on that small page.

The one fireman was interesting to put together and again I marvelled at how well everything fit over the head.  The vehicle itself was an easy build, that took a bit of time because there's so much more vehicle, and there's moving parts built into the vehicle.

The end result is a nice little vehicle.  The foam cannon can be raised and lowerd, and pivoted from side to side.  There's a removable sledge for the breathing apparatus as well.  The vehicle is well accessorised with compartments for a portable fire extinguisher and clips to hold radios and a fire axe.  This is a nice little vehicle and it's a refreshing change that it's built from canary yellow bricks instead of the usual fire truck red.


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