Thursday, 16 December 2010

#334 of 365 Lego 7979 Castle Advent Calendar Part 16

It's another day, and there's another window on the Advent Calendar to be opened.  Except that my version is from Lego and it spits out little Lego bricks, which is a lot more interesting for me.  Now, why can't Mattel do this for, say MotUC weapons?  Oooh, that's an idea for SMC!

The front of the window shows a night with a red gem flanked by two torches in front of a tower window.  The back of the window shows a shelf with potions.  Wait, that looks familiar!  It's the contents from Day 13.

And since 13 is right below 16, it makes sense for it to be misplaced there.

Does that mean I get Day 13's toy in this window?  Apparently not, it's the same shelf.  Boo.  Wait, the shelf has more pieces than the shovel and axe in a bucket from Day 13, so Yay!


  1. Better than the shovel and axe, you can now make double-height shelves!

  2. A double high shelf will just topple over. I can put them side by side now and it'll look great.


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