Monday, 5 April 2010

Toy a Day is now on Blog Spot

OK, so Facebook notes have been giving me trouble with images and layouts. I've been minorly annoyed with the many changes Facebook goes through and today, I guess I've finally decided to just bite the bullet and start my own blog for the Toy a Day program. But, the good thing about facebook is, it allows me to import this into Facebook. Yay.

What is the Toy a Day thing? Well, I'm opening a toy for each day of 2010. This does not necessary mean I'm opening a toy a day - some days I won't open any at all so that I can build up a "backlog" of a few toys to be opened at the same time. I was formerly blogging everything on Facebook notes, but that is now changing... I think.

I'm also opening toys with a loose theme every month. So far this year, we've had

gitd January (that's Glow in the dark)
Femme Fatale February March
Anniversay April (featuring MotU)

Currently planned for the rest of the year:
MotU May
Justice June
Animated August

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