Saturday, 3 April 2010

#92 of 365 Millennium Mossman

Before I start today, I just would like to mention that I started Anniversary April yesterday with Orko for April's Fool. Today and tomorrow will feature the first of the monthly double - Mossman, with the Millennium figure slated for today.

Now, the Millennium Mossman was a SDCC (I think) exclusive and I think I got this free from somewhere or another (I don't remember), but I needed a US address, so it went through Maryland at some point. That was fun.

Being an exclusive means that it comes in a box instead of a bubble, and the box is protected by a mailer box. There's nothing special about the white mailer box, other than that the name is printed on the side instead of the front or back. The back of the box had a variant of the red card backs, and I'm neutral about this layout.

The figure is basically a repainted Beastman with flock, just like the vintage figure. Since it's a repainted Millennium Beastman, it has Beastman's action feature with the button the back to raise and lower the arms.

Of course this Mossman does not come with Beastman's whip, but a repainted Mekaneck club instead. Why did they go with Mekaneck's club? I guess it's because Clawful never made it as a figure in the Millennium line. The flocking is also nicely done, and avoided areas where the joints were. Note that the ears, however, are flocked!

Just some comparison pictures there. The scale of the figure is more or less correct when compared with He-Man, and of coruse, Beastman. The comparison picture with Beastman shows how similar the repainted Mossman is. However, this Mossman towers head and shoulders over the vintage figure. I actually do like this Mossman better than the Millennium Beastman for some reason - I guess it must be the flocking :)

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