Sunday, 18 April 2010

Reissue/Re-release King Grayskull

ToyGuru, aka Scott Neitlich posted the following on forums

We've confirmed a few times that yes Grayskull will be back as a non subscription figure in Q4 2010. This was kinda our last shot since in 2011 all the figures will be in the subscription and we didn't want to release him in 2011 as part of the sub when some fans already have him.

This way by releasing him as the last non sub figure in 2010 it leaves fans open to choose whether or not they want him.

We did plus him up with an improved deco, some extra little surprises, and slightly different accessories including one all new accessory that is way cool.


Improved Deco and extra accessories. Now that's interesting. I wonder if he'll be the September Bonus figure.

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