Sunday, 18 April 2010

#108 of 365 Millennium Man-E-Faces

I wanted to open a red carded figure today, and decided that Man-E-Faces needs to be freed from his plastic prison. Yay!

I've already mentioned my preference for the red card, but I was just reminded that this is the second version of the red card. The first couple of waves for the series had a slightly different red card with a lot more text than this. Well, this is the red card that I prefer.

The pose in the tray is simple, but what I do like is the title card. The castle grayskull in the background, the transparent going to red, and the animated picture on the title card all brings back good memories. I wish they would have kept this feature in the Classics, but instead, they got rid of it with the green cards. Oh well.

Man-E's weapon bore some resemblence to his vintage weapon, but this weapon has a firing missile built into it. I'm not estatic about the bluish cyan used together with the silver. They could have given it a slight nod to the vintage weapon by making the missile orangy-red, which IMO would have made it look nicer too.

The figure is OK, although the grey on the legs is a bit weird. I do like the way the right hand is sculpted, the index finger can be placed on the trigger of the gun, which is great. The figure also has the swing waist punching action, which is a nice touch.

Of course, the main feature of Man-E-Faces is his rotating faces feature. Each one of the faces is nicely done. What I don't like about it is that the dial/knob is way too loose, such that not only it's possible to dis play the figure with half of 2 different faces, but by shaking the figure, the faces will rotate out of position.

There's no Classics figure, so here's the comparison with the vintage figure. Notice the legs which are flesh toned on the vintage figure, but other than that, everything else looks very similar to the vintage figure. MEF had the least change from the vintage figure of all the Millennium figures. More pictures in the Facebook album, of course!

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