Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Release Day Loot - Evil-Lyn, Weapons Pak, Wun-Dar

This was the craziest Matty Release day. Originally, it was supposed to be on the 15th of the month as usual, but it was pushed back because Mattel wanted time (for Digital Rivers?) to fix thing. Well, apparently things weren't fixed, judging from the comments elsewhere, which is a pity. This blog isn't about that! I want to write about the loot I got this release day since, well, it's the first time this year that I've actually been able to get something from mattycollector.com despite internet problems.

I had 3 confirmations over the course of the week. The first to come through was that my Wun-Dar from my subscription was confirmed. That was a relief, I have to say. My credit card expired at the end of March and that was the first purchase with the new card. I'm glad the purchase went through, now to hope that I'll actually receive the figure!

The thing about Wun-Dar is that he's a subscription exclusive, available nowhere else (for now) unless one purchased the subscription last year. He was supposed to be shipped last month in the March release day, but was delayed a month to coincide with Evil-Lyn instead. Well, hopefully, my copy of the figure is on its way.
On release day though I had to scramble to purchase the Weapons Pak. I do know of some folk (and I'm looking at you Turd Monkey Dad Wade) who have decided to pass on this because it's too pricey for a bunch of repainted weapons. But if I paid more than $10 for a SMC custom sword, surely $15 for a whole bunch of weapons and armor is a good buy IMO. Besides, I couldn't pass up the weapons for Kronis, and after reading about Kevenn's plans for Fabulor, I decided that I wanted to make Flocdak - the furry (ears too) cosmic enforcer, and I definately needed a Weapons Pak for that. Also, I am still kicking myself months later for not getting the Grayskull stands, and I don't want a repeat of that this time around. Well, it was nerve wrecking going through all the WSODs, but I finally managed to get this.

Today, I finally got my subscription confirmation for my Lyns. There's been some discussion on whether she's the real deal or if the Millennium figure should be th real Lyn. Havoc thinks the Millennium version should be Faker-Lyn, built by Man-At-Arms to spy on the Evil Warriors. For me, I'm going the slightly racist route by calling her Evil-Lin, the oriental clone of Evil-Lyn :) Actually I'm very partial to this figure for some weird reason, even more so than I was with Teela. Perhaps it's the inclusion of Screech... or perhaps I'm hoping her staff will gitd, just like the vintage version, who knows?

So, 2 or 3 separate packages are on its way to me (I've no idea if Wun-Dar & Evil-Lin will be shipped together), although it'll be quite some time before I get it. Hopefully there are no S&H errors and I'll get everything by the beginning of May, just in time for MotU-verse May!

P.S. The reissue/rerelease Hordak with the Original Starburst on his title card, is still available as I write this. It seems that there isn't much demand for reissues/rereleases, despite the fact that the first run Hordak sold out fast. I hope this doesn't mean it's bad news for reissues/rereleases as I'm looking forward to getting more Mossman, Trap Jaw, Battle Cat and Grayskull Stands (which I hope they will reissue/rerelease).


  1. Im pretty sure it was stated that Lyn will ship with Wundar in same box. which caused some concern about declared values and customs charges. Hopefully since Wun Dar is pretty much a gift/freebie and we only paid for Lyn, the box should still declare $20 value. But it wouldnt surprise me at all if the bright sparks at DR stick $40 value on the C&E docket..

    I guess the reissues don't sell out superfast because frankly, people who collect this line can't wait a whole damn year and cave in and ebay one.
    The reissues are handy for new fans, people getting in late, and casual buyers. Most reissues dont last more than a week or two, right? So if Mattel veiw *that* as a failure they are being greedy beyond beleif. Honestly, any toy figure should have a 'shelf life' of atleast 3 months IMO.

  2. God only knows the rules regarding how Mattel define success. And I'm one of the few people who refuse to pay ebay prices, so I'm waiting for the reissues/rereleases.


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