Monday, 5 April 2010

#95 of 365 NECA Jitsu

This follows on Stinkor, the reason being, the pre-transformed Stinkor, Odiphus is included with Jitsu. Why wasn't it included with Stinkor, I have no idea. Perhaps it was an afterthought, or a fan-request, and it was too late to be included with Stinkor. Anyways, I'm glad that we actually got a figure of a "new" character from the millennium line.

It's surprising that Jitsu is only featured in Series 6 of the Stations, considering that Fisto, aka Battle Fist, was made into a toy in the Action Figure line. Perhaps it's because Fisto was actually featured in the cartoon whereas Jitsu was not? Also, Fisto received ties with Man-At-Arms in the new cartoon series, so he was elevated somewhat from a background hero to part of the "second family" on Eternia.

Anyways, the cardback for Jitsu is nice. The artwork almost makes me wish Jitsu was made into a toy instead of a statue. Otherwise, the usual Evil Warrior cardback is used here, complete with Snake Mountain, and the other 2 figures in the Series - BA He-Man and Mosquitor are shown at the bottom of the card.

There's quite a lot included with this figure. There's Jitsu, of course, and his usual Evil Warrior stand. Then there's Odiphus who also comes with a stand. Jitsu comes with not one, but three accessories - his usual katana and two scythe knives things.

The sculpt on the figure is amazing - the armor and loincloth and golden glove has so much detail that it's almost realistic. The paint job is superb - the shades of gold and red really make the details of the sculpt pop out. The one downside to the sculpt is the Tri-Klops pose, but since this is a statue anyways, it's almost a non-issue.

Odiphus, by contrast is a simple sculpt, yet it still seems very lifelike. However, there are details on the fur on top of the head and the club in his hands. The likeness is slightly different than that of the cartoon, and I think I like this toy version better. The paintwork is superb as well, and the bright yellow eyes really does bring this creature to life.

My main complaint, and this is a rather big complaint, is that there is a weakness with the bubble such that the ponytail on Jitsu's head was damaged in the shipping. Apparently this is a very common defect on Jitsu, although there are some who received Jitsu with an intact ponytail. I have to resort to gluing the ponytail back on.

Still, this is a good addition to the Millennium Evil Warriors. I have no regrets getting this figure. There are more pictures of Jitsu and Odiphus in the Facebook album.

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