Thursday, 8 April 2010

#100 of 365 Millennium Buzz-Off

Yay, #100. That means I had 100 unopened new toys. And I'm going to guess I could probably stretch it to next year at this rate. But we'll see what 2011 will bring.

Buzz Off (and I'm going to drop the hyphen since I'm too lazy to type that) is one of my favourite heroic warriors. I have 2 vintage versions of him and now I'll be opening my first Millennium version of Buzz Off!

Buzz Off appeared rather early in the toyline, thanks to him appearing early in the cartoon series. And of course, being a good guy helps him as well since Mattel at that stage was putting out 2 good guy for every bad guy. I like how the image fills up the back of the card, yet leaves enough room to showcase his action features.

Oh, and the red carded figures had this plastic insert at the bottom which featured the cool artwork, something that goes missing on the green card. Another reason why I like the red card. I'd say this piece of art is rather well done as well and conveys movement, particularly with the wings.

What do I like about this figure, a number of things really. The mask is no longer oversized and fits nicely on his head. It's also made of this hard rubbery plastic, so it won't break after regular use. I also like the face sculpt underneath the mask. I like the axe as well. Disguised at the top of the axe is a missile that can be fired. That's just awesome.

What I don't like about the figure though, overweighs what I do like. Minor quibbles include the weird insectoid hands and the smaller than expected wings. My main complaint is that the feet are way too small and the fix pose is way too weird, such that this Buzz Off cannot stand properly!

The comparison pictures have both of them on thir backs, since the Millennium version couldn't stand at all! The Millennium Buzz Off is smaller, but a lot slimmer than the vintage version. The resulting look is more stick insect than bee. Nevertheless, the design elements of the vintage Buzz Off, from the yellow horizontal strips on his chest to his bug-eye helmet and the colours are faithfully replicated in the Millennium version.

Sad to say, as much as I would like to like this figure, I can't because of the fact that he can't stand. I was so frustrated trying (and the key word is trying) to pose him, that at the end of the day, I just decided to just throw him lying on the ground. When placed next to a slightly larger figure like Whiplash or Two Bad, Buzz Off looks totally out of scale for the Millennium line, which is a pity. Hmm... anyways, more pictures in the facebook album as usual.

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