Friday, 30 April 2010

Mattel has posted the first looks of the carded Marzo

Count Marzo is not a bonus figure, but will be the first the new sculpts based on the Millennium series.  Mattel has released pictures of the figure on the card including the bio on Facebook.  Check it out there.  The figure is nice, but a bit bland.  I'm not sure of the Hordak colours on him - I would have thought that there'd be some bluish/purplish tint to the highlights on him... but maybe that was difficult or wouldn't have make him look good.   Still, this version looks a bit plain to me.  I wonder if he comes with some black flowers...

I'm not sure I like the bio - Marzo banishing Miro and being defeated by Keldor and Randor?  Does Keldor, before he became Skeletor, even have that much power to trap Marzo in the guise of an old man?  What are the connections between Miro and Marzo?  It raises a lot more questions from the information that is revealed.

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