Sunday, 18 April 2010

No Prince Adam with Orko as an accessory.

Matty published a Q&A on Facebook for the SDCC items. There are a number of items there that was a relief for me to read. However, knowing how fickle Mattel can be, fan complaints might cause Mattel to change their mind between now and then. We shall see what happens.

I was extremely relieved to read the following:

5) Will Orko be sold on the site as the two-pack or will he and Adam be sold separately?

The online version will also include Prince Adam with no change to package. The only change will be that Orko and his book will not have the color change feature.
That's a relief. It means there won't be a Prince Adam version with Orko as the accessory on in addition to the Orko with Prince Adam. Two different variants of the same thing could cause the figure to sell out even faster than usual - witness Mossman. And both Orko and Prince Adam has got more "star" power than Mossman, which means demand for these will be high. Hopefully it means I'll get a good chance of getting an Orko from come August 2nd.

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