Wednesday, 7 April 2010

#97 of 365 Millennium Zodak

Zodak is the first Millennium figure I'm opening this month that does NOT have a vintage counterpart, but DOES have a Classic counterpart. Of course Zodak was updated from Zodac for the Millennium, so in a sense, the closest figure in the vintage line that this figure is related to is Zodac.

There are two versions of Zodak, a red carded version and a green one. I have both, but I'm opening the green version because I like the red version better and would like to keep that on card. Zodak comes with a repaint of the firing missile accessory that previously came with (I think) Samurai Man-At-Arms. The weapon is basically superflous.

Zodak also comes with his mask and staff. The actual figure itself resembles the cartoon version rather well and has a whole lot of detail all over the sculpt. I don't think much thought went into the action feature - by pressing a button, his right arm comes up. In fact, thanks to the action feature, his right arm does not have a hole for holding his staff. Blegh. I don't think the tattoos glow in the dark as well. I do like the rubbery mask though, and I think it's a nice touch to include the mask as a removable accessory so that Zodak can be both masked and maskless depending on the circumstances or situation or wishes of the owner.

Comparison time! When compared with the vintage version, the millennium version seems a bit too anorexic and spindly. They are both about the same height. Of course the newer version has got a lot more detail than the vintage version.

When compared to the Classics counterpart though, the millennium version seems almost like a teenager, reaching only up to the shoulders of the Classics Zodak. The Classics version also looks better proportioned and because of that it makes the millennium version looks underdeveloped. The details on the Classics version seems to follow the millennium version rather well, with a few exceptions here and there, of course.

This isn't really my favourite version of Zodak, or for that matter Zodac. Of the 4 versions of Zodac/Zodak that we now have, I would rank this version last. Still, Zodak is important from one point of view - he was a semi-original figure that made it into toy form in the millennium line.

As usual, more pictures can be found in the Facebook album, including the temporary display of Zodak on the shelf with the other Millennium figures.

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