Friday, 23 April 2010

Optikk, Tytus, Merman in May

Wow, it's less than a week after the Evil-Lyn release day and matty has already updated their site with May's figures page. The all-in-one page is at and I promised to tag a few people with this so that they can use it, so here it is.

Merman is a reissue/rerelease and he will come with his two heads and the corn sword. There was a debacle with his last release date - it was split over 2 dates and international buyers were being shutout for the first date, so he might prove popular, although, not extremely popular as he's at best a second tier character. I predict he'll last a couple of days, probably about the same time as reissue/release Hordak.

Tytus is the second incarnation of the figure in the line and this is the first time he'll be released as part of Classics. He will not be in the subscription, so there will be a number of people scrambling for this. However, he's a minor character at best, and he costs $30$40 (and that's excluding shipping, so about $40$50 plus shipping to the US) so he might last for a while. I predict 12 hours to a day for this figure because there will be some who would want this figure as the first incarnation was only previously available in Europe.

Optikk is the main figure of the month. He's a New Adventures figure, so demand may be lower. He's also a subscription figure, so that will drive down demand some as well. However, he comes with 2 heads and is great to army build with, so that will drive up the demand. I predict about an hour for him since Mattel is still producing low numbers of him, but being the first NA figure, he'll sell well as there are fanboys who would want to make a statement!

Also on sale that day would be a Ghostbuster (Walter Peck and the containment thing) and Batman's Two Face. Oh and Mego Green Arrow goes on sale that day as well, so there might be some competition there for bandwidth.

Be prepared for the May Matty release day!


  1. Tytus costs $40. And I think you're being very generous with a 12 hour estimate. I *hope you're (atleast) right, but I can forsee him selling out in a half hour, and people suffering the wsod who were there on time missing out on him. Let's just hope you're right.

    I see Optikk and all I see is 'Oooh, Man E Faces custom placefiller base!' :P
    Definately picking up an extra of him for that reason, and Im sure a handful of other customizers will too.
    But yeah, on Optikk I'm also expecting a longer sell out time. But lets keep fingers crossed if it takes him more than two days Matty don't piss his pants and axe any further NA characters from being made because they don't sell 'fast enough'

  2. Good points, Nick. And I guess I'll have to correct Tytus' price...


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