Monday, 26 April 2010

You mean the world to me :)

Today marks the first day since the beginning of the blog when this happened.

Yes, this blog finally has visitors from the southern hemisphere - and it's not just Australia, but South America too.  Which means I've got hits from every continent bar Africa and Antartica.

Most of the traffic is from the US, which is the norm, but there's also quite a bit of traffic from the UK and Finland.  Thanks to everyone who's reading from those countries!

I've also tweaked the format slightly.  Now all the mess of text is hidden away in a link, and the labels are up near the top for ease of search.  I'll probably be adding the monthly lists to the quick link at the top as well, when I get the time.  That tends to be a bit tedious to do because it's so graphic intensive.  If you do have any comments, please feel free to comment below.  Take care and enjoy reading this!


  1. Love the new setup and congratulations on being multi-cultural! You're world famous!

  2. Thanks MGM & Wes. & LOL @ the "world famous" comment.


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