Thursday, 29 April 2010

#119 of 365 NECA Tung Lashor

We are at mid-week and so far it's been a great Snakemen week, with Sssqueeze, Snake Face and The General/Rattlor being opened this week. I've like two out of the three so far, and find the third acceptable. As I turn to today's figure, will I continue the trend to like the figure for today, or will he go down in flames?

Tung Lashor is Rattlor's partner in crime, being released originally (in the vintage line) together and showing up in the Filmation cartoons mostly together. However, Tung Lashor did NOT join Rattlor this time around - he was a bit too late to be released into the Millennium line and was instead released as a staction in series 3 with Mantenna and the Sorceress.

The box is typical of a Series 3 box, modified with the snakemen motif, of course. The cardback supposedly has the throne in Snake Mountain, but that's covered up with Tung Lashor's illustration, which is huge on his cardback. I like that. The focus on the dragonfly is a bit weird, but nevertheless, it does work.

Tung Lashor comes with his stand and the dragonfly accessory. Being a staction though, he has no action features or articulation and at one point I had to stop myself from checking the pose. The weird thing is that there's no way to retract his tongue, which hangs almost to the floor. The figure itself is nice, and huge. The paintjob is nicely done as well.

The dragonfly is the focus of the figure, perhaps to take away the focus from the huge tongue hanging out of the unmovable staction. This dragonfly is choc-a-brick with detail, and although it's does not seem to be painted on first glance, it does have a metallic sheen to the wings. It also huge.

I was amazed when I placed the vintage figure next to the staction. The Staction seems almost to be the parent of the vintage figure, instead of an update. The huge size of the statue dwarfs the vintage figure - everything about the staction is big, even the dragonfly! The paint job is more subdue on the staction, which is another nice touch. It no longer has the boldness of the vintage, but a more scaly feel/look to it which is exceptionally well done. The wrist guards have also morped from the featureless gloves on the vintage figure to something a bit more... goth. And the staction has arms instead of a trident at the end of each arm. The only thing that's not great about the staction is that the tongue is not retractable. Oh well.

And there's the core of the Millennium Snakemen. Tung Lashor easily stands heads and shoulders over every other Snakemen, including Sssqueeze, which is also huge thanks to his arms. King Hiss, by comparison, looks like an anorexic skinny teen next to Tung Lashor! And yes, if you haven't already figured out, I do like this version of Tung Lashor!


  1. Oh wow.. this guy I think I actually like! I love large figures that are made appropriately large, and the dragonfly is quirky enough to be right up my alley. Heh

  2. I love the cartoon look of 200X Tung Lashor, but I didn't like the staction too much.

  3. LOL @ Wes. Actually I'm not sure I like TL's cartoon look...


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