Thursday, 8 April 2010

#99 of 365 Millennium Whiplash

I used to call Whiplash Whipsplash. Fun little fact that you didn't have to know. Whiplash was introduced early on in the Millennium cartoon, but didn't get made into a toy until late in the toy run, because the brand manager at that time had the impression that the bad guys do not sell well. Hmm... not in the MotUniverse.

Due to Whiplash being late, there were two versions of him (and a variant as well, but that's a different story). As usual, I like the red card better and will be keeping that unopened. I'm opening my green carded version.

Well, I still feel the same way about the green card as I did when I wrote Two Bad, so I'll just refer you there for the rant. What I do like about the packaging is the way Whiplash's tail is displayed in the bubble, which really highlights the tail.

The tail though, is a separate piece that plugs into a hole in his butt. Yeah, pH6 commented that there's all sorts of wrong with that picture, but I didn't design the toy. Actually the action feature is rather interesting - by pressing the button on its side, the tail swings. I thought that was rather fun.

Whiplash also comes with a short spear thing - I have no idea what to call that. Although it's not the classic staff, it's interesting in its own right, although I have no idea how useful such a weapon would be. The thing that stands out on Whiplash when viewed from the front is not the tail or the weapon, but his embossed leather loincloth. That is a nice touch provided on the sculpt.

I never liked vintage Whiplash, and I have to say I don't really like Millennium Whiplash as well. The similiarity is there - colours and the horizontal stripes across the chest and the tail. However, visually, the Millennium Whiplash might as well be a different character and race when compared with the vintage figure - the faces are different, the type of tail is different, even the overall look of the feet and chest are different. Thankfully, the Millennium Whiplash is not that anime-ish and has no oversized features.

And if you're following these, you should know there's more photos in the facebook album. Join me next for #100 (10th April) and Millennium Buzz Off.


  1. How did I ever miss this review? Glad you plugged it for me!

  2. I think this predates you being a regular on here, which is why you've missed it. I do know one toy a day is a bit too much to catch up with since we're nearly halfway through the year now!

  3. Haha, I'm going to do it though! I plan on working on that next week actually, as I'll be all alone.


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