Friday, 16 April 2010

#106 of 365 NECA Mosquitor

Day 5 of Horde week, and today I'm going to open Mosquitor! As I mentioned yesterday, it's a pity that I don't have an unopened version of Modulok to complete the Infamous Horde 5, but oh well, we can't all have everything, but we can all read this review I'm writing about Mosquitor, after I open him.

Mosquitor is in the ultimate series of NECA stactions, Series 6, together with Battle Armor He-Man (blegh) and ponytailed Jitsu. Horde mountain is even more prominently featured on the cardback in the background.

Mosquitor comes with... erm... actually, he comes with the usual stand. Unlike Leech's stand, and like every other Horde staction, it's the usual magenta colour. Everything else is part of the figure - if it's removable, I haven't tried removing it because my impression of these stactions is that they are easily breakable!

The figure comes with a weird backpack and an attached gun. The gun reminds me of the Ghostbuster's proton gun and is firmly attached to the backpack, which in turn is firmly attached to the figure. For something that's supposedly original, I find the originality lacking. What I do like though is the red chest window on the figure. It definately looks nice and interesting.

One point about the figure - due to the fixed pose, and the oversized backpack, this figure cannot stand on its own at all! It's a good thing this Mosquitor comes with a stand.

When I saw the Mosquitor in the box, I thought it was awesome. After opening it and discovering its drawbacks, it was knocked down a few notches in my book. Placing it next to the vintage Mosquitor though, drops it down a few more notches. Although the new gun is like a stinger and very mosquitor like, I've already said it's way too Ghostbuster and not enough Mosquitor. There also isn't that much detail on the new figure - most of the design elements are present on the vintage figure. Visually, the staction looks even more cartoony than the vintage figure, which is weird as the other 4 Horde figures have gone the other direction to appear more gothic.

Well, long story short, this is my least favourite of the 5 NECA Horde figure, now that I've opened all 5 and have "played" with them some, not a lot because they can't be posed. I had such high hopes for Mosquitor - while inside the bubble, it looks so great, but that greatness did not last on closer "play-xamination". Oh well - why didn't they make a Modulok instead?

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