Wednesday, 14 April 2010

#104 of 365 NECA Grizzlor

Day 3 of Horde week, and today's Grizzlor. The furry henchmen of the Horde! The universe is filled with furry underroos men, but Grizzlor goes one step further by being completely furry!

Grizzlor is Series 2, together with Clamp Champ and Stinkor. He was the second Horde member in the Millennium line (well, as a staction anyways, since the line ended without Grizzlor being produced as a proper action figure with articulation), after Hordak. I wonder if he was going to have a big part in the cartoon since he came out this early as a staction, but we probably will never know.

For a staction, Grizzlor does come with a ton of accessories. A dagger, a knife, a katana, a tomahawk, and 5 spare missiles for his crossbow. Oh and the usual crossbow and stand. The crossbow seems to be a mixture of Mantenna's crossbow body with elements of Hordak's crossbow thrown in and painted in a dull colour scheme. I'm not fond of that crossbow. The fact that the sculpted missle on the crossbow and the 5 spare missiles (removable, BTW) on his back hints that the crossbow was supposed to be fire-able, but alas.

What I do like about the design is the backpack, which is able to carry every single weapon that Grizzlor comes with, except the dagger and the crossbow (which Grizzlor can hold in his arm). That is just so amazing.

Of course, what's even more amazing is that Grizzlor is covered in real fur, just like anyone would remember from the vintage figure. The fur is not clumpy, but seems brushed and shaggy. It reminds me of Karg from the movie. The paint work on the unfurred body is better than Hordak or Mantenna, but I guess that's because there isn't much detail on Grizzlor. And the harness, which is actually rather nice, is covered by all that fur!

Oh, no comparison there. The vintage Grizzlor looks like a puffball next to this new Grizzlor, who seems a lot more ferocious and less "carpet-like". Although I dislike the new Grizzlor's crossbow, it's actually a lot better than the green vintage crossbow. I also like Grizzlor's face armour thing on the new figure and the better detailing throughout. It's a pity the new Grizzlor is not posable.


  1. Very cool. I'm excited about seeing Grizzlor eventually in MOTUC.


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