Saturday, 3 April 2010

#93 of 365 Masters of the Universe Classics Mossman

Yesterday we had Millennium Mossman as part of Anniversary April. Today, we have the second half of the double, MotUC Mossman. Wiley mentioned that Mossman must be a very special figure to me, and he is - he was my second vintage MotU figure, after Stinkor! So Mossman will always have a special place with me. I'm not ashamed to say that at one point last week, I had such a strong memory of mossman's scent that it was as if I was smelling him in person. Ah well...

Mossman, for a change is not a repainted Beastman this time around, but he does come with a repainted Beastman head, as well as an alternate head. All this is visible inside the bubble, so it's all good.

Mossman comes in the standard mailer box of course. I'm so much happier that Mattel has decided to put the name on the front of the box. It makes my life so much easier identifying which figure is in which white mailer box. Note that I only have the subscription figures, so the ears are unflocked, which is not the version I wanted. Still, I guess I should be happy that I do have Mossman.

I suppose some people would have bought multiple Mossman to display him with his two different heads. Would I give him head? Probably not. It's not a good idea to get his flocking wet anyways!

Comparison shots. To be honest, I like the scale of this Mossman - it's so much larger than the vintage figure and doesn't look to be pumped up on steroids, like the repainted Millennium Beastman. I have no idea why, but eventhough this Mossman is basically a Beastman repaint, it doesn't look like a Beastman repaint, thanks to the flocking and the design of Beastman's armour.

I was expecting the worse about Mossman's smell, but was disappointed when I opened him. I could barely smell the scent! What I did smell though reminded me strongly of... Eucalyptus. Yes, Eucalyptus oil from down under. I'm surprised that we haven't got that comment from any Australian fans so far, but that's definately Eucalyptus oil that they used for the scent. I have no idea why did Mattel use Eucalyptus, but it's a scent that reminds me of my Grandmother's handkerchief so it's comforting. Well, at least it doesn't smell of Lesbians :)

The group shot as usual. The shelf is getting full... more pictures in the Facebook album, as usual.

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