Thursday, 15 April 2010

#105 of 365 NECA Leech

Happy Evil-Lyn day! Hordak goes on sale today as well. [They moved that to Monday 19th April, so it's not today - Ed] And we're celebrating Horde week as part of Anniversary April this week, where I'm opening my carded Horde figures. Earlier in the week, I opened the Hordak, Mantenna and Grizzlor stactions. Guess what? Today's it's Leech's turn. I wish I had an unopened Modulok as well, but alas, I can't complete the famous 5 of the Horde this week.

Leech was released in Series 4, together with Webstor and Snake Face. This was one of the hardest series to get hold of. I do like the Series variation of the card because it's so reminiscent of the Millennium card. The cardback has a nicely illustrated Leech in front of the usual Horde volcano. (What else can it be? It's definately not Fright Zone.)

This figure comes with only 2 accessories - a weird plunger crossbow and the stand. I don't particularly fancy the plunger crossbow because I think it's corny, but it is nicely designed and nicely coloured in the typical Horde colours as well. The odd thing about Leech's base is that it's not Horde magenta, but a bluish colour. Hmm...

The figure is bulky and heavy... and doesn't look as musculor as he's supposed to be. He looks closer to his filmation size, rather than the vintage toy. His mouth is wide open, showing his teeth and uh, his mastery of suction. I'm not sure I like the mouth. I do like the colours on him, and the detailing on the sculpt.

Wow, this new Leech looks so freakish when compared with the vintage character, and that's saying something. This Leech looks like something out of an Image comic... wait, it does remind me of the Daemonite from WildCATs. I'm not sure that's a favourable comparison. Overall, the new Leech is a bit meh for me, and I wonder if the Classics version can improve on this.


  1. Hey, Nov, I caught another typo: "doesn't look as musculor as he's supposed to be." I guess that's "muscular".
    Sincerely, PapaTaz the proofreader :).

  2. I'm not a fan of his head sculpt, but compared to the old figure I'm not really sure what they could have done. I mean, c'mon! It's a suction cup with teeth painted on it! lol

  3. LOL, I'm surprised you didn't get the connection Taz. What's the French name for He-Man again? :)

  4. Leech is my favorite Horde member, and my favorite motu character after Skeletor and He-Man. I love his colors, and he is so monstrous looking.

    I think his staction was near perfect. I wasn't too crazy about the tongues in his hands.

    I thought the staction's mouth was perfect. It kept the suction cup look, but without the actual suction cup.

    In a menagerie of monsters, snakemen, and demons, Leech still remains the most grotesque and scary of them all to me. He's slimy, evil, and he is designed to latch onto you and suck your blood. Horrifying.

  5. I think this is my favourite Leech figure so far. Well, there's only been two anyways. I can't wait to see how his MotUC form will look.


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