Friday, 30 April 2010

#120 of 365 Millennium Venom-Spitting Khan

Well, the core of the Snakemen has been opened. Today we start with the non-core, including this character who was not part of the Snakemen in the vintage line, but is part of the Snakemen in the Millennium line.

This isn't carded as Kobra Khan, he's Venom-spitting Khan instead. I guess they did not use the Kobra name possibly to avoid litigation from either DC Comics (who I believe has a character named Kobra) or GIJoe (where the bad guys are part of Kobra, or is that Cobra? I have no idea).

The Khan in the Millennium line is part of the Snakemen, so he's on the green card. He should have been good on the green card... but thanks to the camoflage effect, Khan is almost invisible on the cardback, which isn't a good thing.

The pose of Khan on the bubble is interesting, it projects power and arrogance. Khan comes with a gun, which this time around has a firinig missile, which is sorta nice. The card on the side shows off his action feature more than the cardback, and seems rather dynamic as well. It would have been nice if they had used this image on the cardback instead.

The figure itself is - wait here comes my favourite word for the Millennium line - anorexic, but for Khan it works. It gives him the slim and lithe and slimy appearance, particularly when combined with the glossy paint that they painted him with. The bronze details reminds me somewhat of Kobra from DC Comics though. The thing that stands out, and not in a good way, are the huge oversized neon green ears - well, that's how they appear anyways. It would have been much nicer if they had made it in the same green as the rest of Khan.

Oh and being slimy means it needs to get slimed...

The comparison with the vintage figure shows that the upgrade was quite extensive. The new Khan has talons insted of fingers and has apparently lost a toe as well. The huge ugly ears are new as well, and perhaps not a welcome change. What is welcomed is the fact that although both version spits water, the millennium version's head looks a lot more nicer and proportionate than the vintage figure's head. The four horsemen must have a fetish about putting things in front of the junk of their figures, because Khan apparently has a horseshoe as a codpiece. Oh and the millennium figure is a lot more skinny than the really fat vintage figure who therefore has a larger water tank in his chest, but that's a minor quibble. I think I actually prefer the millennium Khan better.

And there's the full collection of the Millennium Snakemen. Unlike most of the Millennium figures though I think I will actually clear out some shelf space for these because they are visually so stunning (well, there are no action features on the Stactions anyways). Tomorrow, I'll open the final honourary Snakemen in the line to complete the gang.


  1. Is it just me, or do the throat wings things not actually fit all that well on the head? It looks in the pictures like it raises a bit too high? Could just be me. I actually liked this character in the 'toon, which is better than most of the Snake Men who had no real character development at all.. How does the action feature work on this guy? I remember squirting everyone I could with the original. lol

  2. The "ears" are weird. It looks as if they were an afterthought. The water squirting action feature works "just like you remembered it"

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