Tuesday, 22 February 2011

#417 of Year 2 Star Wars Yoda

I'm continuing the Star Wars theme... good things come in twos, at least that's my theory, and after the better than average Wookie warrior today, I'm going for the big... erm... guy, Yoda.

The card is similar to the warrior from yesterday, and I like how Hasbro uses the tile card to customise the front of the packaging by including an image of the character, probably from the movie, as part of the title card.  The back of the card is also similar, and the cut-out is still there, this time revealing a separate figure.

The bad thing about the packaging is that there's quite a bit of blank space, particularly where the title card sits.  Still, it isn't too bad here thanks to the vehicle that they've included with Yoda.  The front of the cardback does have that surprise scene, although isn't that scene from Ep1?  I'm confused.

Yoda comes with quite a lot of bits, and despite his size, there's actually a lot of pieces here, some of them intricately sculpted.  The vehicle consists of five pieces, which isn't too difficult to assemble, although not all the pieces stay assembled during handling.  I can't imagine how they'd hold up during play.  There is a firing missile as part of the vehicle, and that's a nice action feature.

The bonus figures, or whatever they are are basically just moulded from a single piece of translucent plastic with a stand.  The stand does have a faction symbol beneath it.  The figures are also sculpted with quite a lot of detail, enough for me to know that the red one is Hans and the blue one is... erm.. well, Obi-wan maybe?  OK, it's not so much that the sculpts are bad.  It's just that I'm bad at this Star Wars identify one of the bazillion characters in the line gig.  [Edit: Thanks to Mario of A Year of Toys fame, the blue guy has been identified as Luke]

And despite standing barely over an inch tall, the figure has over 12 points of articulation.  Yes, you read that correct.  Twelve.  By contrast, Orko from the MotUC line who stands twice as tall only has half that.  The sculpt is very well done, and the flowing erm... robe is captured perfectly with the sculpt.  The facesculpt does look like Yoda, although I'm not used to a Yoda with hair (and if you are reading this Ed Humphries, you're not the only person I make hair jokes about).  Yoda himself has two accessories besides the vehicle, a one piece cloak and the lightsabre.  The cloak is premoulded tough and when worn hinders most of Yoda's articulation.

Overall, Hasbro took a small scaled figure and thanks to the clever use of accessories, made it a lot interesting and playable.  BTW, "clever use of accessories" does not include a repaint of a main character hidden beneath the title card.  OK, I need to get off that soapbox.


  1. Nice amount of articulation for the size. I really like the vintage series out these days. Its the same 3 figures on the pegs for months, all the ones that could get me into the line gone already.

  2. I have no idea what's on the pegs. I try to stay far far away from the Star Wars aisle. The closest I'll get to the Star Wars aisle is the Transformers aisle behind it.

  3. It's hard to tell from the picture, but I think that the blue figure may be Count Dooku.

  4. Count Dooku has facial hair, correct? This guy is clean shaven. He could be Luke for all I know, although I'm not sure if Luke ever has such a costume, and Luke definitely isn't in Ep 3. Perhaps it's Anakin?

  5. Indeed, Dooku has a beard. The little mini-figures were randomly packed, so it could very will be Return of the Jedi Luke (he did briefly wear a cloak). If you post a larger picture, I could probably ID it.

  6. I did a quick bit of research, and that is Luke from Return of the Jedi.


  7. Thanks for the research. I'll update the post :)

  8. I just managed to get the Vintage Collection Yoda a couple of weeks ago. It is amazing how wonderfully articulated Hasbro is making their Star Wars figures these days.

    I am waiting, however, for Hasbro to release a new Yoda figure based upon ESB and ROTJ. I still like the original older Yoda better than the younger one, although he is still awesome.

  9. Yup, I remembered Yoda being bald, which is why I was a bit surprised at the hair that he has here.


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