Tuesday, 1 February 2011

#394 -#397 of Year 2 MotUC Palace Guards

Grunts have been a staple of most toylines, perhaps with the exception of the MotU-verse.  There the only grunt that has made it into the toyline are the Horde Troopers way back in the mid-eighties.  Until now that is.

The Eternian Palace guards are the grunts that presumably guard the Eternian Palace.  They are based off Man-at-Arms.  The back features a picture from the MYP cartoon, as well as the usual elements of the box, which is shaped like Battle Cat's box, but smaller.  The clear window on the front allows the two figures to be displayed side by side holding their weapons and the shields.  The extra heads though is barely visible - they could have packaged it between the two figures as well next to the knees so that they can be seen through the window.

The palace guards comes with a whole bunch of weapons, two visors and interchangable "Battle Armor" chest plates in addition to two spare heads.  This allows the figures to be customised easily.  There are four heads - Toyguru, dark skinned, Caligar and scaly.  I'm not sure I like any of them.  I'd much rather have a Jon Kallis head as shown in one of the MV comics.

There are six weapons for the two guardsmen - two halberds, an axe that's similar to Buzz-Off's short axe, a club similar to Mossman's but isn't sculpted to make it resemble wood (insert Lemonjuice quip here!) and two shields.

There are two "holders" on the back of the armour which can hold up to any two weapons.  The front of the armour has an interchangable plate similar to that found in Battle Armor He-Man.  There are four chest plates in the box - one of which has the eagle design, the other three is similar, but differientiated by the number of "battle damage" on them.

The figures can be further customised with the weapons from the Weapons Pak.  Although these guards are based off Man-at-Arms, they do have two extras that does not exist on Man-at-Arms, namely the armour on the right arm and shins.  Overall, this is a rather solid set of figures for about the same price.  Mattel has gone out of the way to make these figures similar, yet customisable in the details to create the terracotta warriors of the Heroic Warriors.  I can't wait until we get the Horde Troopers.


  1. Nice review!

    When we get the Horde Troopers, I hope the helmets are removable so I can have a He-Man In Disguise version...

  2. It's not as verbose as your version, but it works! And I was thinking of changing the TG head for a Prince Adam head so that I can have Adam as a palace guard...

  3. These guys look great, and without any canon history to them we're free to create backstories. Wonder if I'll be able to find any for cheap around here...

  4. Perhaps you can go raid Ewan's house for a few :)


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