Sunday, 20 February 2011

#415 of Year 2 COPS Air Speeder

This is the last of my unopened COPS stuff... well, the tape on it has frayed to the point where it's opened anyways, so I guess I might as well get everything out and put it together.  Welcome to Figures February here on Toy a Day.  Do remember that there's a new poll on the forums for the next toyline that I'm opening in April.

The box has the same colour scheme as the cards, and there's even a nice illustration of the vehicle with the driver.  The starburst is still there on the front and it does obstruct part of the vehicle, which isn't a nice thing.  The back of the box has a photo, as opposed to an illustration of the vehicle, and is a bit wordy.  Gone are the illustrations of the figures in the line though.

I was a bit surprised at the parts that fell out of the box.  I didn't realise that assembly would be required.  Thankfully, the instructions were clear on how to assemble the vehicle, although it was a bit difficult to get some of the parts to line up properly.  The decals would have been used to decorate the vehicle, but I didn't think I would like peeling stickers (especially since those decals are 20 years old or so) so I left them off.  The caps work just fine on the gun located on the wing though.

The vehicle isn't anything to write about.  There's some details, but generally there are no moving parts, with the exception of the gun for the caps.  However, it does look good thanks to the detail and the asymetrical wing design.  The vehicle would definitely look great on display, but it's play value would probably be equal to a hunk of plastic.  The only salvation for the vehicle from a play point of view is the caps feature.

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