Wednesday, 23 February 2011

#418 of Year 2 Star Wars R2D2

Two's company, three's a crowd?  Well, it's more like three's on the way to an army or a collection where toys are concerned, and I have to be honest, I do have a soft spot for R2 to the point that I can't resist picking him up when I see him on the pegs (which is why I stopped looking at Star Wars toys a long time ago).

Have I praised Hasbro's ability to make the card design individualistic enough times?  Let's skip that part then.  The card is still rather boring and after the first time around with the surprise on the back, things get a bit mundane.

What's behind the title card?  A whole lot of nothing.  Yup, unlike Yoda from yesterday, R2 seems a bit skimpy especially on his bubble.

OK, so that's might be because there's a whole piece that's behind the tray and taped into the card.  I have no idea what that piece is.  The front of the card does have that nice image, presumably from the movie.

Besides the see-saw stand thing, R2 comes with a holographic Yoda, two lasers or thrusters (I have no idea what they are supposed to be), a hook arm and a pile of junk.  Hmm... yeah you read that correctly.  It's literally a piece of plastic moulded to represent a pile of junk.

The figure has some yellow bits, and I have no idea if that's age or just the way he was made.   The two laser thruster things stick into holes on his side legs.  He has four points of articulation which is a disgrace, considering how many points of articulation they snuck into Yoda.  There is an action feature of sorts, when the third leg is pressed, the arm hook thing, which attaches to a hole in the head moves forward.  That's all sorts of wrong in my book, and what's more, because of the action feature, R2 can't stand straight.

This is the worst R2 ever, then again, this is my only R2 (yes, somehow I've always managed to resist my urge to buy him... mainly by not looking at the Star War aisle).  He's a great display piece, but otherwise, he's almost no better than the pile of junk that he comes with.


  1. I like the yellowing either way. Cool background you have those guys in.

  2. The backgrounds are from Action Figure Displays. They are temporarily down until 9th March, sadly. After that do visit them and tell them I sent you, and hopefully, if I send enough traffic their way, they might agree to sponsor me a prize or something! Their page is at

  3. The accessories seem nice. It doesn't seem like too bad of an R2 to me. Articulation wise, I'm not sure what else could be done. The only other point of articulation other than the legs and head that I could imagine R2 having would be joints at the ankles/rollers.

    So, any what the display stand/ramp is supposed to represent? It kind of reminds me of something from Mustafar or a ramp at the Geonosis droid factory in Ep 2.

  4. The point is that the middle leg is not articulated because of the action feature. Hence the articulation could be improved by quite a bit. I have no idea what the ramp is supposed to be. I'm the Star Wars dummy, so you'll have to ask someone... like maybe Thrawn...

  5. If anything you can give it to Hasbro for producing statues with accessories...

  6. If anything, it's that Hasbro can produce any Star Wars figures and it'd sell out fast. As I said, it's like printing money.


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