Tuesday, 8 February 2011

#403 of Year 2 Wolverine & the X-Men Magneto

It's X-Men week of Figures February 2011 here on Toy a Day and finally, I've got an X-Men figure to open.  Magneto is the main baddie of the series, but is he really a villian?  Who knows?  Anyways, magnetic powers are always difficult to protray seriously and kudos to the X-Men writers in the past for writing him so well.

I'm no X-phile, so I have no idea if this entire toy series was based around a cartoon of the same name, but judging from the cartoony image on the packaging, I'm going to guess that it is.  The front has Wolverine (who else?) in the top left corner and the logo splashed just above the bubble.  The bubble is boring and plain, but the design of the title card inside uses angles to make it less boring.  The back of the card has an image of the toy, a bio of sorts and three other figures of the line.

Magneto isn't the best designed figure, but he's done well here in his magentas and lavenders.  The headsculpt is ugly and could have benefitted from better paint.  The articulation is decent, although hinge joints at the elbows and knees would have been good.  The cape is made from a very soft plastic, similar to Thor's yesterday.  The chain that he comes with can be held in his right hand, or plugged into the hole on his left hand.  Either way, it displays nicely.

And the reason for Thor and Enchantress yesterday?  It' sbecause they are almost the same scale as these.  They even look as if they fit into the same line.  Sure, Thor is a bit taller and more muscular, but which Asgardian isn't taller and stronger than the average Mutant?  And Magneto?  Well, he stands out on the shelf thanks to his colours, so he'll probably stick around for a while... that is until I have to make room for more MotUC!


  1. Hey I didn't even know there was a toyline for this cartoon.

  2. Been meaning to get more of this line myself. Got the Beast and Cyclops, and both are pretty great figures. Beast is particularly good since Hasbro still hasn't made a Marvel Universe figure of him.

  3. Yup, Beast and Cyclops are good in this line, but I didn't get them because they weren't really my favourites.

  4. That strange cape sculpt looks weird in toy form, kinda like DCUC Raven

  5. I dunno, I sort of like the cape sculpt - it gives a weird I'm floating aspect to Magneto.


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