Friday, 11 February 2011

#406 of Year 2 Wolverine & the X-Men Iceman

This is the last of my Wolverine & the X-men figures, and yes, there's no Wolverine.  I didn't bother buying a Wolverine, because at the time these figures were out, right after the movie, I was Wolverine out.  Besides, I'm not a huge Marvel or X-men fan, so I wasn't looking to complete the line or anything.  Cherry-picking dos have its fun, and it's a lot more gentle on the wallet and on my peace of mind.

The packaging is a bit blegh - the image of Iceman on the title card has him not face-on to the viewer, but in a profile view which means that bits and pieces of him are obstructed.  And that thing in the picture?  What is it and why was it cropped that way?  Also, a blue figure on a blue background really just doesn't make him stand out in the bubble.  The only thing that really grabbed one's attention is the transparent blue board, which is placed next to the bubble and in front of the figure.  Ah well, I guess they did the best they could.

The figure himself is cast from a transparent blue plastic and is painted blue in places.  The paintwork is nicely done and fades in several places into the trans blue.  The face paintwork though, seems a bit weird - the eyes are a bit too big.  The lack of knee articulation hurts Iceman more than it did Avalanche yesterday - Iceman is stuck in this one weird pose because of it.  Iceman also has a bent foot which is sculpted that way and no arm/wrist articulation.  Not a good thing.  He does fit very well on his iceboard, but for all the lack of articulation, he might as well be a statue.

I have to say Iceman still looks rather nice, when he's not in front of a blue or white background, that is.  The transparent arms (which can be posed slightly) gives it a rather distinct and interesting look.  However, the lack of posability below the belt for him and the slightly smaller stature makes him seem a lot less useful, and not truly part of the line.  I really would like to like him, and I do somewhat... whenever I just ignore him from the belt down, but otherwise, I do regret spending money on him.


  1. I didn't buy any figures from the Wolverine cartoon line, but I did get the movie line's Iceman, which is pretty cool. It also has an ice sled and is translucent, but has more useful articulation than this version. It was also pretty hard to find, and the only one I ever saw is the one I bought.

  2. I'd like this guy better all transparent. ANd without hair.

  3. I almost picked up this figure back when the Wolverine and MU lines first started, but then the Wolverine Movie/Comic Iceman came out.

    Remember the original Toy Biz Iceman? His iceboard functioned like an ice cube tray and you could freeze him in it.

  4. No, I don't remember the Toy Biz Iceman. Sobz.

  5. He has the articulation and look to match a modern day Ben 10 figure!

  6. He's a modern day figure as well - the line was released in the last couple of years or so, and is around the same time as Ben 10.


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