Thursday, 3 February 2011

#398 of Year 2 MotUC Vikor

Vikor caps off the almost-week of MotUC figures.  Yes, I got a whole bunch of stuff from matty last month and I've opened most of them.  Vikor is the last of these.  But fear not, there'll be a whole bunch from matty again this month.  Also I see-sawed over the issue, but I've decided that this month will be Figures February, where I'm just gonna open action figures.  It's a simple enough theme, and it's the first theme month of the year too.  On to Vikor.

Vikor comes on the usual packaging, with a Powers of Grayskull sticker on the front.  He's displayed in the bubble slightly to one side, so that the shield can be displayed as being held in his hand.  The back of the card has the usual stuff, and Vikor's image in the shield is from his concept art.

Vikor comes with quite a few bits and pieces - a sword, an axe, a shield and a cloak.  There's a lot of nice details added to the figure, with real metal chains on his wrists; a sculpted bone necklace, complete with a skull; and a loincloth with holes that thankfully does not expose him.

There is a holster for the sword on his back, but it's a rather weird place to place the holster.  It's gonna be painful for Vikor when he sits down if the sword is in that holster.

Vikor looks great, but when placed next to some of his supposed contemporaries, he looks like a duck out of the water.  Somehow, the face sculpt seems to clash with everything else MotUC, and the completely bare chest seems a lot risque for the entire line.  Those two issues aside, he's a great figure.  Perhaps I just don't have any nostalgic attachment to the figure in the first place?  Nyaah, I've got Wun-Dar and Goddess, both of whom I thought were great...


  1. Vikor looks embarrassed to be standing next to Wun-dar and his bread shield. When compared with all other MOTUC, Vikor would obviously slaughter them all in a battle royale.

  2. Lol, indeed. Sluaghter them in a battle royale with just his bare chest... ;P

  3. Damn it! Sorry, that last comment was mine. The wife was last to log in and somehow it didnt log out of her account. Lol.

  4. Whoa, I thought your wife was reading this. It's good to know she isn't... wait... is she?

  5. Horns + bone necklace + wicked loincloth = badass Vikor!

  6. I see you like half-naked men, hock!


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