Saturday, 12 February 2011

#407 of Year 2 X-Men Wolverine

It's still X-men week of Figures February, and after 4 days of Wolverine and the X-Men, I'm finally opening a Wolverine, except that it's not from the same line.  Instead, today's Wolverine is from Toy Biz.  That's kinda ironic in a sense.  I did say I don't really like Wolverine, but I picked these up years ago in a huge mixed lot which is why I have everyone's favourite bad boy Canuck.

The X-men Classics card is all sorts of interesting.  The simple and standard bubble on the front isn't anything to write home about, but it does do a great job of containing the, erm... contents, and displaying the figures and accessories to the maximum potential.  The back of the card shows a quick ilustration of the action feature, a drawing of Wolvie and the other figures of the various lines that Toy Biz was making at that point to cash in on the X-men cartoon.

The front of the card actually has the picture on the back but expanded to fit on the front.  Wolverine's mug also forms part of the card above the bubble.  The way that he is cropped seems as if he's peeking out from behind the strip that says Classics.  That is interesting.  Also, the fact that the weapon lights up is highlighted on a starburst in the empty space below and to the right of the logo.  And I have no idea if "Batteries Included" is meant to be a selling point, but it's there on the front of the card too.

Wolverine comes with two belts and the light up weapon, gun-thing.  The figure itself only has 5 points of articulation, and that would not have been so bad had they not given him knees bent at 90ยบ so that it seems that he's midway doing squats all the time.  Not cool.  The paintwork is good, and the use of purple to highlight the minor details here and there on his costume is well done.  The weapons are boring looking - there's some detail to the belts and the gun, but really, would someone who could manifest claws at will really need a gun?  I think not.  The weapon plugs into the hand which has a metal connection, and when the button on his back is pressed, the gun lights up.  Sadly, the batteries, which I presumed are included, have died on my Wolverine, so the gun doesn't light up on him.

Wolverine seems short and muscular when compared with today's figures - perhaps it's the influences of MotU and TMNT, or perhaps it's just because that's how he's depicted in the comics and the cartoons.  I don't like his toothy facesculpt, and that expression seems as if he's ready to perform fellatio, what with the shape of that mouth.  This figure hasn't improved my impression of the character, and I doubt I'd ever like him, especially not after that horrible Hugh Jackman movie...


  1. I wonder why they decided to call this line "classics"? Nothing classic about it! (other than the belt pouches, which are classic 90's!)

  2. Pouches? 90s? Rob Liefeld strikes again!

  3. I have no idea why they called this classics. Compared with the classics of today, these are horrible.

  4. I have the Marvel Legends Wolverine in his classic yellow costume, and I don't think I'll need another Wolverine for the rest of my life :).


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