Thursday, 17 February 2011

#412 of Year 2 Avatar: the Last Airbender Fire Blast Zuko

Mattel only did two Series of the Avatar figures, at least from what I remember from memory.  That was scarely a couple of years ago, I think.  Even then they were producing variants and variants of the main two characters, which in this case were Aang, and today's figure Zuko.  Welcome to Figures February where I'm opening one action figure and writing about it for the entire month of February.

Zuko comes on a similar card as Aang from yesterday.  There is still a picture of Aang on the front, which is a bit weird since this isn't the packaging for his toy.  The back of the card has the usual stuff, but since there's only one main action feature, it's rather blank on the back of the card.

The front of the card has a very nice picture of the Northern Water Tribe's ice building, complete with the water tribe symbol.  The title card is a weird shape, with water and ice motifs on it.  It's a pity that the card is so heavily based on water/ice because it clashes so much with Zuko's reds.

The figure looks good, and the folds in his loose robes are sculpted into the upperarms and thighs.  The head sculpt looks mean, and the ponytail seems a bit long, but there's quite a bit of detail there.  The paintwork is good, but there's a bit of slop on the collar for me.  The armour is actually made of the same soft plastic as Aang's robe from yesterday, and does not hinder the articulation, of which there is a goodly amount.

The backpack contains the battery and the bulbs and does light up some.  The missile launchers are attached to the backpack and can be swiveled thanks to two additional points of articulation.  The whole backpack and launcher is made from a transparent red plastic and is sculpted to look like flames.  Even the missile is sculpted to look like two fireballs.

The target barrels, of which there are three, are basically hollow pieces of plastic.  The paintwork on these barrels are excellent, including the bullseye which seems handdrawn, yet isn't.  The colour scheme of the barrels also matches nicely with Zuko's Fire Nation colours.

Overall, the figure is good and interesting, but I'd rather prefer him with the Season 2 head.  It's a pity Mattel did not get to Katara or even Toph or the other females (Mai!).  Oh well.


  1. Yeah these are still warming the pegs at full price around these parts.

  2. I got them for a few coins... I'm glad they were on discount.


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