Saturday, 5 February 2011

#400 of Year 2 Spiderman 3 Sky Stick New Goblin

400 new toys!  I've opened 400 new toys in just over a year, and have reviewed more than that, together with accessories and what hot.  And today, I continue with the Spiderman 3 theme with the New Goblin.

The box is well, the same, which is good as I like the Spiderman sticker which is inside the package and all the extra folded cardboard which gives the layers upon layers look that's interesting.  The back, again fails from the lack of colour, well, but it's not as bad as the New Goblin has those orange doodads.

There's quite a bit inside the package - a sword, a boomerang thing, a mask, two orange doodads and the skateboard.  Half the weapons are warped from the packaging.  The mask fits very tightly over his face, but doesn't really cover his ears too well.  There are pegs on the skateboard for the holes in his feet and that works rather well, but his hip joints are a bit weird and he tends to fall over.  There's an action feature - twist his waist and he raises his arm.  That just limits the articulation and it's just bad overall.

I must say he does look good though, if displayed properly, but I'm not sure I like him overall as I think there's a better New Goblin out there...

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