Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Contest for Ages

The Dread Axe and the Sword of the Ages will return to the Poe Ghostal store (or Poe Ghostal Point of Acquisition, to name it in full), on the 9th of February at 1pm Eastern US Time (and not Extra Terrestrial as Poe would have us believe - hah!).  To celebrate the return, I'm having my first contest of the year - yes, you read that correctly, the first contest, meaning that there will hopefully be more contest this year.  Read more to find out who can entre and what are the rules!

So how does the contest work?  Well, if you were part of the Dreaded contest last year, you'll be familiar with the rules for this year.  Basically, I'm just raffling off this Sword of Ages and to 'get' a tickets all you have to do is just enter.  The contest will last until April Fools day, April 1st 2011.  However, this is no joke!  The winner will be announced after that date though just in case!

How does one enter?  Easy - Just post below here on this post on the blog (but not Facebook or Networked Blogs) that you would like to enter.  Your name will be added to the list for the raffle.  If I know you under any other aliases on Facebook or Poe's forums, please post those below as well.

Who can enter?  Anyone can enter with the exception of the following people - Immediate relatives of Poe Ghostal, anyone working for Spy Monkey Creations and myself.

How can you 'get' more raffle tickets?  There are a number of ways you can get more raffle tickets:
1. Make at least one comment per day on this blog (but not Facebook or Networked Blogs) that's at least one sentence (of more than 5 words) long.  You don't have to post on this post - it could be on any other posts.You'll get an additional raffle ticket for each comment made per day.  Note you can use your Wordpress account or gmail account to make comments here!
2. Be a member of Poe Ghostal Forums and also make a post in the contest thread there.  If you are already a longtime Poe Ghostal member (i.e. you joined before the 1st of January 2011), you get an automatic 5 raffle tickets for joining this contest.
3. Follow the blog - use the Networked Blog app on the bog site and just click the "Follow this Blog" link.  Again, the following persons, if they choose to join the contest (they'll have to post below), get an automatic 5 raffle tickets.

There's only one sword to be raffled and won at the moment, but if I get more than 50 entries to the contest, I'll see if I can offer a second prize of some sort.  So what are you waiting for?  You don't even need to write up long stories or use photoshop, just post below!  Good luck to all!


  1. Even though I only have 2 MOTUC figures, I'm in.

  2. Yay, the first entry. And just because you're first, I'll throw in an extra ticket for you. Good luck!

  3. Me too! With luck I might finally get an MOTUC figure, 11 months more to go!

  4. One of these days, I must win! :D

  5. AKA Mountain-man

    I'd like to win that!

  6. I'll be joining this contest. I needs me a sword of the ages.

  7. Sweet another contest, it would be cool to win this one.

  8. Well, I already have two Sword of Ages (it goes perfectly to help re-create a mini-comic accurate Tri-Klops), but the sword is definitely cool enough to where I'd like at least one more.

  9. I'm in and I better win, Snarf! Snarf!

  10. Sword of the Ages? Wot? Well of course I'm in! ;)

    Let's see, that's 4 words, one word, and 5 words--I qualify! :P

  11. Sure, I'll try again. Count me in! :)


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