Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bits and Bobs 20110227

There's quite a lot of news happening after NYTF, and there are people still sifting over the news, so I thought I'd put together a list of what has grabbed my attention, and not all of these are NYFT related.

The Thundercats trailer has just been released and is probably all over the internet by the time you read this. If you haven't seen it yet, hopefully the embedded Youtube video above works. I'm more excited about Cheetara's hair spots and Tygra's new costume, but it all looks good there.

And since I'm embedding videos, here's another one for the newly announced Maersk Train from Lego. Apparently this is designed as a collector's item.  I like the general colours, and the overall contents in the set, complete with trailers and even a truck.  It is minifig compatible and fits right into the City theme which is good.

I was at my local Japanese toy store, when I noticed the new Transformers United line.  What attracted my attention was that they continued the shiny metallic theme into this line from the Transformers Animated line.  They toys are pricier, but look better.  I picked up Bumblebee, and if he turns out great, I might pick up Cliffjumper and Soundwave next.

Bandai is producing action figures based on the cult cartoon and japanese comic series Doraemon.  What caught my eye was the Nobita figure which has rather interesting ball joints and the variety of poses possible.  The sculpt is cartoon accurate and it looks great.  There's also a Doraemon figure as well.  Both have been announced, but I have no idea when are the dates that they will be released.

What will go for release, or at least pre-order this March (1st to be exact) are the 10 (yes, it's a 10-pack, so there are 10 of them) Scarabus figures from the Four Horsemen.  The black and white figures were released during NYTF in the Toypocalypse event, so there are actually 12 of them.  The sculpts are amazing and there's just so much level of detail in them.

Talking about NYTF, thanks to PrfkTear from where my forums are comes news that Hasbro is redesigning Mr. Potato Head.  Now, since Mattel has the Toy Story 3 license, we never got to see Mr. Potato Head, or any of his variants (Cucumber, Fajita) in the Toy Story 3 line.  This remake gives the lovable spud a more cartoony look, but the basic premise still holds - he'll come with interchangable parts.


  1. I don't like the new Mr Potato - with pants and "active" added to describe him... Too PC, IMO...

  2. I just want a Mr. Cucumber :)


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