Monday, 28 February 2011

#423 of Year 2 Spiderman 3 Sandman

It's the last day of the month, and this is the last action figure for Figures February.  I'm still doing Spiderman 3 from the Trilogy week and it's Sandman today, one of my favourite character from that movie.

There's nothing special about the packaging that we haven't seen before.  Yes, it still does have Spiderman on the front despite the fact that the toy isn't a spidey figure, but oh well.  The pose of Sandman in the bubble with his arms raised is a bit odd, but it works to display his sand-like arms.

The back of the box has a nice picture of the toy and his action features.  Somehow, that guy with the green striped shirt always reminds me of Puxley Addams...

At first glance, the figure comes with just one accessory.  Actually he comes with three interchangable hands, but the huge sand hand thing is of a right hand, which means that although it may be attached to the left arm, it's gonna look a bit odd.  The attachments are made from a very soft rubbery plastic, or maybe it is rubber.  Because of that they fit into the pegs on his hands very well.  The attachments are also sculpted with a lot of detail, so much detail that it does actually look like sand.

The figure isn't too bad and the paintwork on him is excellent - not an easy thing when he's wearing a striped shirt.  He has adequate amount of articulation, but there are no elbow articulation because of the action feature.  The action feature is just that the arms extend and the hands are interchangable.  Nothing special there, but despite that, it makes the figure very playable.

Overall, this is a great figure in my book.  He looks great, he's highly playable and posable.  What more could anyone want from him?


  1. He's one of the only main Spiderman 3 figures I'm missing. Something about the figure didn't appeal to me. I'm not really sure what it is, but I think it's his arms and the inability to have human arms as an option. *shrugs*

    His look always reminded me of Freddy Krueger, but I can totally see Puxley Addams. lol

  2. I don't see Freddy in him. And no human arms isnt' that bad - I mean, why would you want him to have human arms when he could turn into sand?


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