Sunday, 13 February 2011

#408 of Year 2 X-Men Gambit

It's the final day of the X-men week of Figures February here on Toy a Day, and today, I'm opening Gambit from Toy Biz's X-men Classics line.  I have no idea why they called this Classics, perhaps it's the classics costumes that the characters are wearing?  I have no idea...

The card layout is similar to Wolverine's from yesterday, but this has Gambit's picture on the front and the back.  The focus on the picture is the Ace of Spades, and Gambit is rendered in such a way as to appear from behind the Clsasics strip on the front.  The design doesn't really work as well as for gambit, as the Ace is partially obstructed by the figure, but nevertheless it still does allow the card to look different yet the same.

The actual illustration once the bubble has been removed looks a lot nicer.  It seems to have been drawn in the comic style of the day, which is a good thing because the X-men only became big hits once the art reached revolutionary levels.

The Gambit figure is sculpted rather nicely with quite a bit of detail - look at his boots for instance.  The cloak is made from a rather hard plastic, so he might have some difficulty sitting down, but the main impediment to him actually sitting down is that fact that he only has 5 points of articulation.  The paintwork is generally good, but the area around the eye could be improved for a better look.

Gambit comes with his staff, which is moulded from grey plastic and his lightshow cardfiring accessory.  There's only one tiny bulb (not LED!) in the accessory, so only the Ace lights up.  And yes, the batter on this figure works, so I used him to test out Logan's gun accessory as well, which he can also hold (or rather be plugged into his hand).

Gambit seems to look a lot nicer than the I-wanna-suck-your-appendage Wolverine, but can't compared with the multiple points of articulation found on a "modern" figure.  Still, I think he holds up rather well when placed next to Thor from the first day of this week.  And that's the end of the week.


  1. The classics name fits for Gambits' costume for sure, Wolverine, not so much.

  2. I have no idea how Wolverine's original costume looks...but I know it's not his most famous one.

  3. Rather statue like, shame about the (lack of) articulation. Gambit's classic colours translate well into figure form

  4. I always thought that Gambit was neat, but I never owned him. I have Psylocke from this line though. :) Never a fan of that Wolverine though. lol


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