Tuesday, 15 February 2011

February 2011 Matty Release Day

I nearly forgot today was a Matty Release Day.  That's because for the first time this year I don't actually have to go online to purchase the two new figures that will be released today.  I've got my renewal confirmation, so they are automatically heading my way.  Hooray for the subscription.  What are those figure?

Bow is the subscription figure of the month.  He's done in the cartoon style, but does have elements from his action figure doll.  There's no beating heart on his chest though, just a swappable plate with a heart symbol or a red circle.  He also comes with two different heads so that he can be displayed two different ways.  Well, if he's still around after the first hour or so, I might brave the site to pick up another one, or maybe two of him just for the multiple display options and because I would like to add a Palace Guard helmet to his head to make Lt. Bow.

The Shadow Beast is the large scale figure for this quarter (the Palace Guards were for last year) and is based on the beasts that Beastman commands around in the Filmation cartoons.  He's based on the Gygor body, but has a new head and hands and weapon, and does look distinctive from Gygor.  He's also an army builder of sorts.  I guess if he's still around after the initial shock and awe, I might head in to pick up another one so that I can have a pair of him for display.  If I don't, no biggie.

Then there are two re-release/reissues for today.

Tytus makes his return today, and he's hugely expensive for a minimal amount of articulation.  His joints are also rather weak, to the point where he can't hold his weapon in certain positions.  I have no idea if this is left over customer service stock or rerelease/reissue stock.  I didn't get a copy of him for my MOC collection and I don't think I'll do that again this time around.  What I'm looking forward to is Megator!

Keldor also makes his return, and yes, he's the one with the cape that would fit Skeletor, so there may be some hoping to pick up another one of him for the cape.  I got a whole bunch of him the last time around and really have no interest in another copy of him.  I'll pass on him, but he is a rather nice figure and he looks great on the shelf... better even than Skeletor.

Not really new this time around, but something that has been on the site for a month now (Wow!) are the Grayskull stands.  There was that snafu with this item the last time around and some people, including myself gave up on it the first time around.  Perhaps that explains why it's still around.  Another reason could be because some people find no use for it and that it's too expensive.  Either way, I've got a whole bunch of these the last time around, but if it's still there, I might be tempted to pick up another couple of boxes.

It's quite a bonanza today, but only those without the subscription will be those heading in.  I wonder how well Bow will do and whether he'll sell out fast thanks to the pink army.  I guess we'll find out in an hour or so!


  1. I'm not getting anything today... had some interest in Keldor, but as the time is passing, I care for him less and less... Good for my budget, I guess? :)

  2. Damn, I meant to try and trade an extra Keldor I have before his return.

  3. I like Keldor, and I do have spares of him, but mostly for his cape and for customising more generic "gar" characters. Now, I wonder if I can make a Gar peasant from Bow's spare heads...

  4. I forgot about Matty Order day too, until later in the day - because I have a sub. I was thinking about picking up a second Shadow Beast, but funds are low...so I'll get a second of him if they ever re-issue him. lol

  5. Don't you have a job, Darkspecter?


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