Wednesday, 9 February 2011

#404 of Year 2 Wolverine & the X-Men Colossus

It's day 3 of X-Men week, part of Figures February 2011, and today I'm opening Colossus.  This Russian mutant has the power to convert his body to steel (or iron?) and thus gains superstrength and limited invulnerability.  I must confess that Colossus is one of my favs in the X-men series, so it's a no brainer to get him.

The packaging is similar to Magneto's from yesterday, but, of course, it's been modified for Colossus.  The image shown has Colossus with a fierce mien, which seems a bit weird for the character.  The way he's packaged in the bubble is also a bit odd, as his right arm is positioned in such a way that's it's almost unnatural.

Colossus is almost a chunk of plastic.  The paintwork on the figure is very well done and is actually rather attractive.  The metallic silver paint gives him some character, while the red and yellow makes him stand out on the shelf.  The blue boots though, seems a bit odd, but probably has basis in the original character.  The figure has 7 points of articulation, which isn't a lot.  The hip joints are weak and his legs swing about on their own when the figure is picked up.  The shoulder articulation is also hampered by his action feature, which I've yet to figure out.

Colossus comes with a rubbery I-beam, which is metallic in colour and because it's rubbery, it can be twisted while in Colossus' hands - a great detail.

Colossus' weakness is Magneto, of course.  Colossus here is almost as different from Magneto as Thor was yesterday.  This line is shaping up well!


  1. The bendable beam is a nice touch.

  2. I like that I-beam. They have got good ideas for this line. Sadly, the articulation could be better.

  3. And the head a little bit bigger... Looks a bit out of proportion don't you think?

  4. It's the hyper anime look which exaggerates the head. The style is not retired at Hasbro :)

  5. "ash his right arm" should be "as his right arm", correct? :)

  6. That's one of the coolest accessories ever, if only it there were ones that could fit DCUC scale, would have some fun with that!

  7. Actually it could fit DCUC scale! It's very versatile!


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