Friday, 18 February 2011

NYTF 2011 MotUC reactions

It's no secret that MotUC is my #1 Action Figure line.  It's also the only line that I'm actually collecting... althought that might change when the ThunderCats drop later this year.  So what were my thoughts about the newly released figures?  Continue reading to find out.  Also, thanks goes to Poe Ghostal, for his permission to use the pictures here.

Man-E-Faces was the only figure that I predicted we will see to actually be shown (my other picks were Glimmer and Stinkor).  I have to say I'm most excited about him.  Sure, we've seen ost of his body parts already, but the fact that, like Tri-Klops, they are making his head rotatable (instead of plate swappable) is a huge bonus for me.  The colour scheme of the blues and purple is nicely done, and he seems to be what I'd want Man-E-Faces to be in the classics line.

Clawful is well done.  I like the details on the front of the armour, and the crabshell on the back is a nice nod to the millennium line.  An extra point of articulation on the large claw is given, and the Whiplash scales on his body works for him just fine.

Faceless one was bumped back a month, and he seems the most odd of the figures shown.  His hood seems way too small and behind his head.  I always pictured that he'd have more of a cowl like design like Skeletor than this look.  The skull that he has for a head is also a bit odd, considering that he's supposed to be faceless.  His Havoc staff is another odd choice of accessory - he's not Skeletor after all, but the Ram Stone is a given.  It's good that we're finally getting this figure, but really, is it the figure that most millennium fans want?  I have no idea.

Blonde Teela is the figure that I was most disinterested in.  She looks like a female He-Man with a golden bikini top and a huge long sword.  Blegh.  She didn't wow me.  I'd much rather have a proper PoP female than this figure.  After all, we've already had Vikor this year, she could have been next year's figure.

Megator was a figure that I was wondering if we would get this year.  I wanted him to fill the hole on my shelf opposite Tytus, but I had no idea if there was enough large releases this year to fit him in.  Well, they are fitting him in and we are getting a Megator this year.  The morningstar that he comes with seems a lot more interesting than Tytus' vacuum cleaner, and I like the choice of colours that they used on him.  Otherwise, I'll reserve judgement on him until after I have the figures in my hand, but I hope they did at least learn some lessons from Tytus.

So that's my reactions on the MotUC reveals from NYTF.  It's a mixed bag as usual, and surprisingly the figure I'm most excited about is MEF.  I'd still like a Stinkor, but with the revelation of Clawful this year, it's going to be doubtful that we'll see Stinkor this year.  There's still hope though...


  1. Well, a bunch of guys over at Serbian boards are all excited by the prospect of removing Bikini Teela's bra, so I'd say she has a large target audience :D. As for me, I'm looking forward MEF, myself.

  2. Eeewww... I'd much rather have the real thing than whatever is underneath Bikini Teela's bra...

  3. Pretty excited for this Teela myself. I have a feeling as this line goes on the concepts /comics variants are some of my favourite figures.
    Clawful has some nice details; I'm not sure yet if I wish they had stayed truer to vintage with Skeletor legs? Was it just easier for them to keep the Whiplash parts in production? I wonder...
    Man-E-Faces needs to be in vintage colours!
    Faceless One is very 200x, will fit fine with Marzo and Carnivus.
    Megator will probably end up in storage. We'll see.
    Stinkor would have been cool but now that Clawful is coming Spikor is next on my list.

  4. Yes, I want to see Spikor too, but after Stinkor. Sadly we are only getting one vintage Evil Warrior a year until 2016 to spread them out.


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