Friday, 4 February 2011

#399 of Year 2 Spiderman 3 Super-articulated Spiderman

I started off gitd January last year with a Spiderman 3 figure. This year, to come full circle, I'll open the rest of the Spiderman 3 figures that I have as part of February February.  To start off, here's another Spiderman.  Yay... or should that be yawn?

The packaging is the same as what we've seen on the Midnight Stealth and Venom last year.  The back has the action feature and a full picture of the set, but it seems a bit messy somehow thanks to the lack of colour- blue and blacks and whites seems a bit odd for a toy.

The contents are a bit disappointing, just the figure and the web with suction cups.  Blegh.  The web is made of the same soft plastic as the gitd web from Midnight Stealth.  The suction cups is a good addition, but it seems a bit out of place despite Hasbro adding sculpted web details to the front of the suction cups.

I had thought the figure was a repaint of the one from Midnight Stealth, but obviously this is not so as this figure is a lot more muscular and taller.  It has the same articulation tough, but it looks less nice than Midnight Stealth because it's just black and grey.  I think I'll just box this one and display the Midnight Stealth version with the gitd web.


  1. Agreed, the midnight stealth version is nicer. This muscle bound version looks like the SM3 Venom

  2. He's of the wrong scale as well I think...


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