Monday, 21 February 2011

#416 of Year 2 Star Wars Wookie Warrior

It's a new week, and I'd like to start a Star Wars week as part of Figures February.  Sadly, I don't actually have that many Star Wars figures.  I was looking for my Attack of the Clones figures from last year, but I seemed to have misplaced them.  Oh well.  They'll turn up sooner or later...

I'll start off the week with the Wookie warrior.  He's just a wookie on an Ep3 card.  Hasbro is basically just printing money with these figures as the Star Wars fandom is such a large one... and they are willing to spend big bucks too on stuff like this generic warrior.  The front of the card is boring, although the title card has a nice picture of the warrior, presumably from the movie (so sue me, I'm not a huge Star Wars fan... actually I won't even consider myself a fan).  The back of the card shows the 12 figures in the particular line, plus a photo of the toy.  What's interesting is that there's a cutout with a clear window on the lower right of the card, with a "free" one-piece figure as a bonus accessory.

I had a suprised when I pried away the bubble.  there on the front of the card back was a nice scene printed underneath the bubble.  I have no idea why Hasbro would want to hide that underneath the bubble, perhaps it's to give it some background, or perhaps to actually reward cardback collectors?  I have no idea.

Thks warrior comes with a gun and two shin guards.  The figure has very nice sculpting, with sculpted fur all over his body.  The face sculpt captures the visage of the wookie race perfectly.  the paintwork, whatever little of it is good, and Hasbro did give certain body parts a wash to give it some shade.  The articulation is good for such a small figure, although the head/beard sculpt does hinder the neck articulation.  Still, I have to say it's a nice figure, and it's an army builder, so that should make it popular... at least that's what I think.  What do I know?  Close to nothing where the Star Wars line is concerned.


  1. All I got from this article is "Nov has so many toys he can easily misplace several of them!" :D.

  2. Taz: Sad but true. I'm hoping I haven't thrown them away...


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