Sunday, 7 February 2010

#39 - #42 of 365 Star Wars Clone Wars - Ahsoka Tano, Asaji Ventress, Count Dooku, Destroyer Droid

I thought I'd do a big bang and cover everything up till mid next week as well. I suspect that news after next weekend will be focused on the NYTF anyways, with little attention given to whatever I'd be posting then. (Perhaps I shall sneak in something interesting then...)

Hasbro has been great with making toylines that tie into movies, and I guess this is no difference. The purchase of Kenner way way back has probably made Hasbro tons and tons of money thanks to the Star Wars franchise.

I don't collect Star Wars, and only picked up stuff that I thought was interesting. Surprisingly, two of the figs were female! The cards aren't that great, until the bubble is opened and removed, then the visage of a trooper shows up. Whoa, that's interesting. At least the first time it happens.

I like Ahsoka's design. It reminds me of Pumyra from the Thundercats, but she has a lot more, including an attitude. The design of the toy though is skimpy, and I don't mean her dress.

She comes with a backpack that seems way too large for her, the little hutt creature and her light sabre. Sadly, the sabre doesn't fit very well in her hands, which is a pity. Thanks to the backpack, she can't stand on her own either. I would say this figure is an epic fail on most parts, and the target audience is probably the die hard Star Wars collector.

Ventress is another interesting design, enigmatic with a great costume and face paint (or tattoos or whatever that is).

Her figure comes with her dual light sabre, which can be clipped together or unclipped to form two sabres. That's fun. What's not so fun is her felt skirt and the long plastic strip running down the centre which gets in the way of posing the figure and sometimes help but also sometimes hinder her standing up straight. Still she's got a lot more plastic than Ahsoka and is a lot more fun to play with.

I got Count Dooku because of the blue energy web from his hands. Besides, I figured in my universe, Dooku can have a counting obsession and cause lightning and thunder when he laughs. Or maybe not.

There's even less going on for Dooku, he has his sabre of course, and the alternate hand and the hologram projector, but blegh, that's all he has. Nevertheless he's still good for displaying though, thanks to the alternate hand.

A droid, a droid, what Clone Wars universe is devoid of droids?

This droid comes in bits, but is easily assembled. Surprisingly, despite the top heavy design, the droid stands perfectly on the tripod and is really well balanced. It has firing missiles and a push-button activate mode which is neat. I was surprised I actually enjoyed playing with the droid.

And there's all of them together. More pictures, of course, are on my Facebook album of these guys.

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