Monday, 22 February 2010

#52 and #53 of 356 Star Trek Voyager Mutated Tom Paris and Cardassian Seska

This month is shaping up to be Playmates month as well. Well, I guess Play Mates goes with Femme Fatale in a way. Hugh Heffner will probably be the expert there. Anyways, I was a huge fan of Voyager way back when, so I picked these two up a while ago.

They seemed boring though, which is why they have been unopened. Until now. I guess this one toy for each day in 2010 thing is really shaping up good.

Mr. Paris was one of the two characters to be mutated. The other one was the Captain. They had sex and 3 kids by the time they were unmutated. Interesting thought that Tom Paris could have 3 kids. BTW, this character only appeared in 1 episode. Wow, Playmates must have been really milking the license for these figs.

Mr. Paris comes with a starfleet badge stand, a phaser and 3 of his offsprings. Hmm... not much to say there about his accessories, other than the fact that he can barely hold his phaser. The figure has an adequate amount of articulation, and was considered good articulation-wise for that era. The design is a bit plain, but hey, he's a mutated alien, they had to follow the lousy design of the series.

Our Femme Fatale for today is Seska, the Cardassian originally disguised as a Bajorian onboard Voyager. She was Tchakotay's love interest originally, until of course, she did her species change and became Cardassian. She's a real Femme Fatale in that she died at the beginning of the second season. I guess they didn't want to have the same storyline as DS9.

She comes with 4 accessories that she can barely hold in her hand, and a ship thing as her stand. I dunno what it is, I'm not a trekkie and I've never watched DS9. The sculpting is rather good - she does look like the actress who plays her complete with the prostetics and make-up. The figure again has adequate articulation and seems more pleasant than mutated Paris.

That's both of them standing together. Not great. I think they had numbers, but really, I don't care about those. These figures are ugly though, and instead of displaying them, I think they are going back to storage, at least until... but that would be telling. Watch this space!

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