Monday, 24 October 2011

#662 of Year 2 Bone Age Kos

It's a brand new week here on Toy a Day.  Yes, it's Bone Age week.  This is probably one of the few weeks that I'd dedicate to an 80s toyline.  I don't have much of them left unopened after almost two years of doing this!

Kos is a member of the stone clan or so it says on the card.  It's a nice, almost square card with clear bubbles on the front and the other figures and "vehicles" on the back.  The name of the character is printed in such a small font that it's almost unreadable, but oh well, that isn't important to little kids I suppose.

What is nice is the artwork on the card.  The barbarian with the dinosaur parts looks a lot interesting than the actual toy that we get!

Kos comes with a bone club, an ivory sword, some criss-cross shield that reminds me of fried potatoes, and I'm gonna guess a bola weapon because of the strings.  He can't hold everything, and when he does hold any weapons he can't stand.  He has the standard five points of articulation.  The paint is almost non-existant, but well applied where it's present.  The sculpt is good for such a small figure - he only stands two inch.  He's not quite a toy by himself, but feels more like an accessory pack for a vehicle or something similar.

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