Saturday, 8 October 2011

#646 of Year 2 MotUC Leech

It's still MotUC week of Spooktober 2011 here on Toy a Day, and I continue this week with the Evil master of suction, Leech.

Leech comes on the standard MotUC card and the standard MotUC box.  No wait.  There's the word Despondos on the bottom of his mailer box on the front which is weird.

There's the standard Horde sticker on the front, and one of the side panels of the title card has been modified with an inset to advertise his "net" accessory.

Leech comes with the net accessory and his crossbow out of the package.  No extra head, just the head with the open mouth, which is a pity.


The body sculpt is gorgeous, and has all sorts of details.  The horde symbol on his chest is nicely done, and the back shows off his shoulder blades back.  The armour details on his hands and shoulders have been exaggerated and given their own details this time around... and yes, there's a Horde armband on his left arm.

The head though, despite the open mouth, isn't that much of a disappointement and does actually look rather good.

The net accessory is made from a very rubbery plastic, and it is shaped like the Horde logo with Hordak's face in the middle.  It also has four suction cups to allow it to attach to smooth surfaces... like a window.  Leech does fit in very well with the other Horde members.

This Leech is a bit slimmer than his vintage counterpart - perhaps the 4 horsemen thought he should go on a diet?  Actually, I think it's probably more due to the parts sharing fact of the line.  A lot of the details are lifted off the vintage figure, including the shape of hte head.  Surprisingly, because the Staction from the millennium line was based more of less off the vintage figure, this Leech also resembles that, and thanks to the articulation points including the ab crunch, he may be posed so that he looks like that figure too.

Overall, I think Leech is a nice figure and a good addition to the Horde members and the line.  Now all we need is Mantenna and the original fearsome foursome will be completed.


  1. Leech was the first figure I skipped in awhile (well, him and Bow). Part of the reason was funds or the lack there of, but I also just didn't get that good of a vibe overall. I much prefer the 200X staction version.

  2. That's a pity Colbey. He's good though!


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