Wednesday, 5 October 2011

#642 and #643 of Year 2 MotUC Megator

It's still MotUC week of Spooktober 2011, and it's a giant and a giant zombie today - Megator!

I got two of him because he was rumoured to come with an extra head, and I'm glad I did.  The packaging is the standard "Giant" box and I like the amount of space that it has to show everything off.

The extra head is hidden by the box though and it's a rather weird zombie head.

Besides the extra head, Megator comes with a huge ball and chain, with the chain made out of real metal.  Yay!  There's the normal version of Megator with the plastic hair, and a zombie version of the character with rooted hair.  It's interesting that Mattel included a rooted hair version to satisfy vintage fans since the vintage figure came with rooted hair.

Megator works for the Evil Horde though, and he's fully double the height of Hordak.  He stands shoulder to shoulder with Tytus and they look to be an evenly matched pair.  He has the same amount of articulation as Tytus, which means it's not a lot.  There's no ankle articulation, but despite that he does stand rather well and isn't too top heavy.

Zombie Megator, according to the bio, is a Snakemen.  He does fit in with King Hiss, although I have no idea why Hiss would want a zombified giant... oh well, bios can only tell so much, particulary when they are as badly written as these are.

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