Saturday, 22 October 2011

#659 and #660 of Year 2 Skeleflex Triceratops and Ceratosaur

It's Spooktober, and I'm serving up some bones today.  Dinosaur bones to be exact, albeit the plastic toy kind.

I picked this pair up at TRU a while back.  Dinosaurs are always a big hit, right?  The packaging looks like bones, and it does look rather interesting with the brush metal on the title cards which showcase the brand and leaves the pictures to tell of the contents.

It's modular, and it has flexible joints and it seems like ball and socket joints so that's good.  And the packaging doubles as a bonus storage case.  Now who wouldn't like that?

There are plastic ties hidden under the card, which took a while to cut open.  The contents split out once it's opened... they could design a carrying case, but not trays to hold everything in?  Not good.

Some of the parts were already assembled, and that helped with the construction, although they could have labelled things better.  There were a number of parts that looks superficially the same, and it was hard to make out what's what at first glance.  Also the ball and socket joints aren't very well designed and it falls apart rather easily after they've been plugged in.  They also decided to use two different shades of plastic for the bones.  It just looks like a hot mess unassembled, and it looks mismatched when assembled.

The toy actually looks great though, if one discounts the different shades of tan/beige of the plastic.  It's not really meant for play though as it comes apart rather easily... or is that supposed to be its action feature?  It's not too bad sizewise, were it to be standing, it'd probably be about 8 feet tall.  I've placed it next to a DCUC for comparison.

The Ceratosaur has the same failings as the Triceratops - mismatched colours, similar shape of parts, easy to fall apart construction.

It's tall and looks good, but there's a weird anatomical anomaly there - they gave him two extra leg bones, which seems odd.

He's tall, and surprisingly balances rather well on two feet thanks to his tail.  Both of these make great displays at this time of the year though.  I just hope that I don't attract the attention of some furry canine...


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  2. See the package illustration? Those 'extra leg bones' are the feet! :D the legs should be z-shaped.
    It also looks like you have the Triceratops' elbows backwards.
    A little adjustments and they'll look even better!


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