Monday, 17 October 2011

#652 - #655 of Year 2 Lego 8805 Minifigures

So I just recently got four Series 5 minifigs the other day.  I'm after the dwarf, of course, and the gladiator from the series.  Will I get lucky?  Now the thing about this series is that Lego got smart - there are no more bar codes, and Lego has mixed up the dots on the pacakging so there's no way of using even that to find figures.  Eep!

It's a baby blue for Series 5, an the boxer and croc guy is front and centre?  That's interesting.

First package... the Royal Guard.  OK, not what I wanted, but I can live with this!

Eep!  Cave woman.  Flintstone-y, but not really what I wanted.

Yay, gladiator.  And he comes with a sword and shield.  The helmet is weird though.

Hooray!  It's the dwarf!  The three piece axe and the nice shield completes the figure.  I don't have to hunt Series 5 packages for this!

And that's the four Series 5 minifigs.  I was after just one fig really, and I got it in my final pull.  What a surprise.  Heh.

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